Embroidered Landscapes

Dates: 19 Oct - 23 Oct 2015 (mon - fri)

Location: Ullapool

Course Places : n/a    

Price : n/a


emblandscapessmallSister Course : Textile Translations  

This is a week for immersing yourself in the colours, contours and textures of the west highland landscape, translating them through the medium of textile embroidery.

The week will begin by journeying out into the area north of Ullapool, using photography, paint or sketch to record your impressions of the skies, mountains, moorland, rivers and lochs.  Your focus will reflect your own interests, whether it is the ever-changing sea, the sweeping land forms, close up details of the flora or the remnants of human habitation, in the form of ruined crofts and byres.  This will be followed by some sessions of textile painting and print-making, building up a considerable bank of materials from which you will later select pieces which will form the elements of your chosen composition. 

Thereafter, the days will be punctuated by short demonstrations of various techniques for developing these surfaces, through stitch, collage, joining and quilting.  The group will be small and the demonstrations will be in response to the needs and interests of the group.  The aim of the week is to enable everyone, no matter their area of interest or level of skill, to produce a finished piece of textile art which expresses their personal connection to the natural environment.

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If you require accommodation for this course the Accommodation page page can redirect you to a comprehensive contact list for the Ullapool area


"... I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful two weeks of "sewing heaven" in Ullapool recently. It was a long drive up from Bedford but so worthwhile, I enjoyed every minute of it and came away feeling very inspired.  Thanks for your patience, encouragement and "recovery techniques" when things didn't work out quite as expected ­ I love a "plan B" and you have plenty of those!  You covered so many techniques which I found fascinating and it was fun to let my imagination run riot at times. In fact, I don't remember the last time I had so much fun and became so totally absorbed in an activity that I lost all track of time. There weren't enough hours in the day for me. Having a delicious lunch, tea/coffee and those wonderful cakes served at regular intervals was such a treat too. Thanks for all your hard work and the effort you put into making both courses so enjoyable. I'll definitely think about coming back for more courses in the future, if I can."  

Wendy, Bedfordshire


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