The moon frequently makes an appearance in my work, which is a little puzzling, since I am early to bed and never have been a night owl. However, I often split my sleep in two, spending some time in the wee sma’ hoors just looking out the window. Then, I am mesmerised.

The moon has many guises, many moods and can be elusive.  It is constantly on the move and is either framed by the landscape or basking in  a huge starry sky.  It has a powerful effect upon the earth and the beings who live here. There are many languages used in the attempt to understand and describe the nature and functions of the moon and I find interest in all of these, including astronomy, ecology and folk tales. But I find that once I allow myself to express a reverence towards the moon using my own mixture of visual and written imagery, the pulsating power of the moon shines through all that noisy discussion; it settles quietly upon my work and hangs forever in the night sky.



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