Kinlochbervie Primary Playground

At the end of the summer term, the pupils worked hard on producing bright and bold designs suitable for large-scale mosaic work.  They decided on an animal theme, which would not only be cheerful and fun, but would reflect the pupil's recent work as part of the Ecoschools prgramme: a recognition that all creatures on earth should be valued and protected.  I then set to work sourcing some interesting frost-proof materials for the making of the mosaic - everything from cracked mugs and empty wine bottles to marbles and cast off junk jewellery! The week before the making of the mosaic, I transferred the pupils' designs onto suitable boards and cut them to size and shape.  I also edged the boards in glass tiles, both to give the work finish and to make it more weather-resistant.

klb9Later that week, the local joiners performed the delicate operation of mounting the panels on the school walls within the playground.  On my return visit the following week, I was really pleased to see the powerful impact of the mosaics 'in situ': they retained all the joy of the children's original drawings but now sparkled with the added texture and interest created by the use of such an eclectic range of mosaic materials.  

Well done to everyone in Kinlochberive Primary School (including Mrs Bruce, all the adult helpers and the stray High School pupils who gave an hour or two of their time) - the results are stunning!

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