Girvan Community Gardens 

In both 2012 and 2013, I visited Girvan Community Garden, in South Ayrshire, to teach the volunteers some of the principles of mosaic-making for the garden. On my first visit I was impressed by this carefully-nurtured garden, hidden behind the main shopping street, with the sea to be found just over the garden wall.  It was obvious that the folk here not only had green fingers but also strong recycling credentials, with growing pots made out of the most unlikely discarded containers.  It even had a delightfully clean composting toilet.  And when I met the crowd of volunteers who wanted to make mosaic, I knew immediately that their enthusiasm would take them far.  Over the two days they made a huge number of varied mosaics (see some in the slide show below) and the event had a real party atmosphere.

girvanslide6I was really pleased to be invited back in 2013 and to see how the garden had matured and developed over the course of a single year.  The group wanted to learn more and to make something substantial to furnish the gardens.  So, they made a large circular table of mosaic representing the four seasons and an extremely heavy-duty bird bath, with a touch of 'bling' about it (see slide show below).  They even had time to brush up on the garden wall plaque skills learnt last year, making a few small pieces that they could take home. And it seems that they enjoy mosaic so much that some of them are going to meet up regularly to make more.  There was even a suggestion that these little wall plaques could be made and sold in the garden shop, which it is hoped will be up and running by 2014.

Thank you to Jim, Julie and Ward for their help and thanks to all the ladies of the mosaic workshop for making me so welcome and for entering into the spirit of things with such gusto.  I look forward to hearing how this new feature of the garden develops!  To find out more about Girvan Community Garden, visit

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